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Election day a mighty lesson for new multimedia journalists

Be a multi-tasking journalist

On election day, Karen and I were assigned to go to a polling station in Rosslyn, Virginia, a swing state.

We got up early in the morning at 5 a.m. and looked for voters to interview. Our assignment was to record a sound bite (better to be a Chinese speaker), take photos and videos in one-man band. After the interview, we had to send the photos and audio to RFA immediately. We had a lot concerns on our minds. Where would we find internet? Would the quality of the sound bite be useable? Would the language barrier be a problem? Those were huge difficulties we had to tackle.

That day, everything went smoothly. We did street interviews as people queued up at the polling stations, and we even got in the polling station with media passes. It was a great and unique experience.

After two hours of intense work, we got to rest and see our report get published. It was like witnessing my baby being born.


Photo slideshow: Media tours at National Journal, NPR and WashPost

Check behind the scenes of our media trips in Washington D.C. We visited the National Journal, National Public Radio, Washington Post etc.

Media fight for top election coverage: National Journal, Washington Post, NPR

By Phoebe Chau

With the US presidential election approaching, the news industry is feeling the heat as media outlets try to outcompete one another in election coverage and attracting the biggest audiences.

The National Journal, The Washington Post and National Public Radio are long-established media organizations in America that have tried out new ways of telling one of the biggest election stories of our time.

Jody Brannon said graphics and charts are more attractive to today’s audiences because they don’t want to read long news articles.

National Journal
Jody Brannon, Editor

1. What will you cover in the presidential election?

I am looking at how diversity in America is changing policies and politics. As an election challenge, we are now trying to build charts and maps, looking exclusively at people of color who are running for Congress. We are trying to make some historical maps from 10 years ago, how many Hispanics, Asians, Indian Americans, Native Americans, Blacks, and then mix-raced people are running for office. That’s going to show us over time how our nation is becoming much more a melting pot, balancing minority and majority.

2. Will you make any special arrangements for National Journal‘s coverage?

I have only worked in the Internet age for big companies, where we had access to the Associated Press for election results, and we figured out ways to … get the data. That’s a lot of money. So instead of buying access of Associated Press data, we are going to be watching other people post the data, and then bring parts of it to our website.

3. How do you see Facebook as a social media tool for reporting?

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