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DC shuts down as Hurricane Sandy hits the US East Coast

By Wendy Chan

It was not the typical scene in Washington D.C., especially on a Monday morning. Except for an occasional passing taxi cab, the streets seemed eerily empty. The Metro (D.C.’s version of the MTR) is shut down as are the buses. By 12:30pm the wind was blowing so fiercely that the sidewalks were blanketed with gold, orange and red leaves from heavily swaying trees. The Starbucks was open as was the McDonald’s and the hotels, but restaurants, stores, universities, companies and yes, federal government buildings were closed. Hurricane Sandy, which some have dubbed Frankenstorm, was coming.

The media loves a good storm story so little surprise that in flipping through the channels, the news was on the storm.

“New York City is very quiet,” a reporter from Fox News said. New York shut down its mass transit and schools were closed. According to television reports, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have canceled campaign events in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

One of the TV channels, WUSA9, provided a web link for the public to get the most up-to-date information in case the power was cut off and so people using tablets and cellphones could stay connected with the latest news.

There were numerous live broadcasts about the hurricane where reporters managed to interview some adventurous souls who were intent on surfing in the waves. The adventurers considered themselves “crazy” but very excited.

Apart from the TV channels, The New York Times and The Washington Post also made Hurricane Sandy their centerpiece story.