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Conversation with an Indian American on UA862

By Jennifer Tang

During Flight UA862 from Hong Kong to San Francisco on October 27, I met an Indian-American businessman. He and his family are immigrants. He has been living in San Francisco for over 17 years, and his brother is living in New Jersey.

We started chatting for a bit. It was quite interesting to get his viewpoints on the U.S. presidential election.

“Two of my colleagues are Democrats, and one ended up voting for President Obama while the other one voted for Romney,” he said.

“Why would your colleague who is a Democrat vote for Romney?” I asked.

“You know what? Sometimes people participate in those party activities, and during the activities  the party people ask you to do so and so, or not to do so and so. However, in this kind of situation, it will upset their supporters as well. My colleague participated in these kind of activities, and what the people in the Democratic Party asked him to do upset him. That’s why he didn’t vote for President Obama,” he explained.

As our conversation went on, I asked who is he going to vote for, and why would he make such a choice. He said he is still undecided, and he will have to go through all the news on the presidential election to acquire more knowledge and updates.

“In the U.S. the media has their own stance. It is somewhat clear that some media lean Republican and some media are Democratic.Therefore, I wouldn’t just read the news from a particular media. I will try to Google the news, and try to read as many as possible. The news there are from different media, so I would have a better idea on what’s going on,” he said.

“Especially if you look into those reviews or comments below the news articles. Some of them support the Republicans, and some of them support the Democrats. It would then be easier for me to identify what side the media supports as well,” he said.

It was interesting to have such a conversation even before we started the trip, which gave me a glimpse of how Americans view this presidential election. I am certainly looking forward to have more conversations with ordinary Americans as a way of cultural exchange.


We are ready

By Edith Leung

We have been intensively preparing for the trip for over one and a half months. After pulling an all-nighter during the flights, here we are, in the capital of America, Washington, D.C.


There were a lot of rumors after we officially announced that the six of us, five year-four students and one year-three student, were going to represent Shue Yan to cover the quadrennial presidential election in US. Some argued that they even didn’t know there was an application, while others asked why I could go as a year-three student since the application requirement listed “priority goes to seniors”.

No matter what, students should be proud of the school for organizing, for the first time, such a golden opportunity because this is the longest reporting trip we have ever had. Though I was a bit nervous about the high expectation of us, I think we will try our best to record all the things we see, hear and feel. We are ready.

A long journey to Washington DC

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By Wendy Chan

Today our journey begins. Six journalism students, with Ms Amy Wu, took the longest flight of our lives to the US capital, Washington DC. To get there from Hong Kong, we had to stop over in San Francisco; that flight took over 12 hours. On the plane, we all took naps and did some preparation work for our reporting assignments in the next few days. When we arrived in San Francisco, it was midnight in Hong Kong. We then waited at the San Francisco airport for five hours, where we went through America’s high security check and took our luggage through another security scan. We finally got to the gate and waited for the next plane to Washington DC. At that moment, we were all very tired as the jet lag hit us. Then, at around 2pm (San Francisco time), our flight to Washington DC took off. It took us more than five hours to arrive at our destination.  Interestingly, at the DC airport, we found many souvenirs of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The excitement that came from seeing the souvenirs washed away our weariness from the 24-hr flight.

We then took a shuttle to go to the hotel where we will spend our next 13 days. We were very honored to have Austin, friend of Ms Wu,  to come welcome us and be our tour guide in Washinton DC tomorrow. It will be Sunday tomorrow in the US, so we may have some time to tour the city and get familiar with the locations. We promise we will try our best to do reporting, and I hope all the parties that get involved will be rewarding. I wish every success for our trip.

Stay tuned for our updates!