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A ‘spooktacular’ Halloween trick-or-treating on Embassy Row

By Wendy Chan

Costumed trick-or-treaters walk along Embassy Row on Halloween.

Spending Halloween night in the US has been one of the most unforgettable moments for a Hong Kong girl like me. We went door to door on Embassy Row, “trick or treating” at each building — it was spooktacular!

The night started with a chilly 20-minute walk from our hotel to Embassy Row — a street where many foreign embassies are based. When we arrived, we saw locals dressed up as characters, like Mario and a volleyball player.

At first, it felt awkward to ask strangers for candy and chocolates; but the Americans weren’t embarrassed at all — we soon followed suit and had fun.

We knocked on every door on the Embassy Row and waited gingerly for our goodies. The first door was the Turkish embassy, which offered us a basket of candy. After we took our share, we asked whether they liked having trick-or-treaters; they nodded and said they enjoyed the festivities. We were not successful every time, though. But we continued to be patient, ran up and down the road and got a true taste of Halloween.

Home sweet home, how was Halloween in Hong Kong this year?