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A digital election day puts focus on social media

Close-up on election day

By Phoebe Chau and Ryan Fung

Election day was finally here. After a two-hour drive from D.C., we arrived at Omni Richmond Hotel, Virginia, where the Republican Party was to hold its election party.

The weather was cold, but the hotel was filled with passionate supporters and hard-working reporters from all over the States. As the only Hong Kong media here, we worked with Voice of America to cover the election online.

To try to boost readership, we used social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to do live reporting from the site. At the hotel, we saw most people carrying smartphones, not digital cameras. We thus believe that the importance of social media will only become greater in the near future.

Staying at one of the tables for the press, we enjoy our experience in doing live reporting for the U.S. presidential election.


Election day a mighty lesson for new multimedia journalists

Be a multi-tasking journalist

On election day, Karen and I were assigned to go to a polling station in Rosslyn, Virginia, a swing state.

We got up early in the morning at 5 a.m. and looked for voters to interview. Our assignment was to record a sound bite (better to be a Chinese speaker), take photos and videos in one-man band. After the interview, we had to send the photos and audio to RFA immediately. We had a lot concerns on our minds. Where would we find internet? Would the quality of the sound bite be useable? Would the language barrier be a problem? Those were huge difficulties we had to tackle.

That day, everything went smoothly. We did street interviews as people queued up at the polling stations, and we even got in the polling station with media passes. It was a great and unique experience.

After two hours of intense work, we got to rest and see our report get published. It was like witnessing my baby being born.