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Campaign Ads As Invisible Weapons in the Presidential Battle

By Karen Chan

“We cannot take four more years.”

This according to the advertisement by Mitt Romney’s campaign.

That is the most common slogan appearing on campaign ads for Romney. Commercials don’t only promote candidates, they can also be used as a weapon.

In the Romeny campaigns latest advertisement, people from different social classes speak for Romney.  They mainly focus on how badly their lives have been during the past four years. They think the economy and social policies such as welfare and health care are worse than four years ago.

Romney supporters say they cannot survive if they spend another four years with President Obama. As seen in such an ad, Romney rarely talks about what he will specifically do in the future, and simply attacks the opponent first.

On the other hand, Obama’s ads seem to be more sentimental. He tries to appear sincere to touch voters’ heart.

“It’s an honor to be your president. Together we can keep moving America forward,” said Obama in one of his advertisements. He indicates what he is going to do in the next four years in his new commercial such as investing in more manufacturing, boosting the American energy sector, reducing the deficit by cutting the budget, impose new tax regulations that the wealthy needs to pay more, ending the war in Afghanistan and rebuilding America.

Of course, Obama does not miss any chance to slam his competitor. He attacks Romney by pointing out the disadvantages that he will bring. For example, Romney will create a voucher system for Medicare, make drastic cuts in education, cuts taxes for the wealthy and make middle class families pay more, according to the Obama ad.

One thing that their advertisements have in common is that at the end of each advertisement, both candidates simply say “I am Barack Obama [or Mitt Romney], and I approve this message.”

Romney’s slogans mainly focus on change.

An advertisement for Obama aims to attract young voters.