New York Times tries to stay ahead of the game

With the increased importance of social media, Leonard Apcar, economics editor in Washington for New York Times, has to find ways to survive in the so-called “sunset industry” in printed media.

By Karen Chan

The presidential election in the U.S. is not only a huge event for U.S. residents, but it is also a battle for the news media too. As a traditional newspaper with long history and high reputation, New York Times has tried to adopt a new way to cover the election.

Leonard Apcar, economics editor in Washington at the New York Times, says coverage of the presidential election has changed.

“We have created a new app for the election. Readers can get an easy access to our stories. We have a Twitter account, and reporters ‘tweet’ their stories there; there is always an election graphic map to show the electoral votes that both the candidates have,” he said.  He added there is many new blogs, with one called Five thirty eight that looks at election statistics.

Beyond multimedia elements, Apcar says the New York Times is trying to improve the quality of their stories.

“For the election, we have prepared a lot about the candidates, especially Mitt Romney. If he wins, what will be the effect on Wall Street or the economy in the future? It will be a totally different story if Romney wins. No matter how, we have to prepare a lot before the result comes out,” Apcar said.

For the New York Times, there are around 12 reporters covering this year’s presidential election.


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