Blue or red? Political choice is everything in DC, even at stores

By Edith Leung

In the run-up to election day, people can not only vote early at the polls, they can also vote with their wallets at restaurants and other stores.

The lime burrito (left) represents Obama, and the queso burrito is for Romney.

At Columbia Heights in Washington D.C., the restaurant Lime Fresh Mexican Grill offers two flavors of burritos, queso flavor for Mitt Romney and lime flavor for Barack Obama. One of the workers, Sarah Issa, said that the queso burrito is more popular than the lime burrito. So does that mean Lime Fresh’s customers are mostly Republican?

“Though the queso is more popular, people here are usually Democrats. It is just an advertising strategy,” said Issa.

A 24-year old American banker, Michael Walker, also said that he purchased his burrito for its flavor, not for its political gimmick. “I am still undecided between the two candidates,” said Walker.

Beyond taste, the shop also raised funds for the two parties, and customers’ political leanings were more obvious: the Republican piggy bank was empty.

Blue 7-Eleven cups (let) are for Obama, red for Romney.

Seven-elevens in the US also have a poll, with coffee cups. Buyers can pick a blue cup for Obama or a red one for Romney. In this year’s poll, Obama outstripped Romney for over 80 per cent in Washington, D.C.

“Customers can vote for candidates now in 7-Elevens, and it somehow shows the real ballots in the state,” said Hasan Mohamud, the shop manager in 19th street Washington, D.C.

Though the poll calls itself “unabashedly unscientific,” it has never been wrong in its three-election history. Six million cups were cast for candidates in each of the past polls, according to a press release.


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