Portrait of a young campaigner

By Karen Chan and Wendy Chan

What is the image that comes to mind when you think of young political campaigners. Willful, impatient or quick to come to a decision? Or a combination of all of the above?

David Elizondo, 23, says he was not hasty when he got involved in politics.

David Elizondo’s iPhone case shows his support for Obama.

“I made my own decision by observing and learning,” said Elizondo, who started to volunteer for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in late October in Washington D.C.

He said he had been following the debates and the media coverage and decided to campaign for the Democrat. “In fact, my parents are Republicans,” he added.

This is his first time voting. Four years ago Elizondo did not vote because he felt like he wasn’t familiar with what was going on that time.

This is also the first time that the native Texan (he moved to D.C. recently) volunteered for the Obama campaign. So what will he be doing?

“I will knock on doors in some communities where people haven’t decided whom to choose yet,” Elizondo said. In addition, he will help voters go through the sometimes complicated process of registering and casting their ballots. He plans on driving people to the polls so they can vote.

Besides volunteering at Obama’s campaign office in Washington D.C., Elizondo recently went to Ohio to work as a volunteer. Ohio is a swing state, one of eight states that don’t have overwhelming support for a candidate or party,that is up for grabs for the Democrats or Republicans.


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