Hurricane Sandy overtakes election coverage

By Jennifer Tang


We are quite used to typhoons in Hong Kong, but we have never experienced a “Frankenstorm” or “superstorm” like Sandy before. And, truthfully, we feel it’s a bit unfortunate that the storm is coming to Washington, D.C., after we traveled all the way from Hong Kong. Still, we are treating this as a sort of extraordinary experience for us all.

The Metro and other public transit are closed, so are schools, and federal government services. It seems like the situation is pretty bad. Before things got worse, we rushed to McDonald’s to grab some food. After, we walked to the CVS pharmacy, and that’s when we experienced the strength and power of Sandy.

Heavy rainfall, strong winds, falling leaves, trees being taken down etc — that’s the power of what some in the media call the Frankenstorm. Some of our umbrellas even broke in the storm.

It’s a pity we cannot do much under such a situation, but hopefully the storm will soon be gone, and fine weather will return so that we go back to election-related stories.


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