Policy versus personality: DC voters appear to lean toward Obama

By Wendy Chan

Some voters are focused on policy, while others are zeroing in on personality.

Let’s start with women voters, who are a vital and diverse group. In our interviews with people in Washington D.C., it seems that a majority of them support President Barack Obama.

Katie Pashalide, an Asian American environmental researcher living in Washington D.C., said she will definitely vote for Obama. She criticized Mitt Romney’s foreign policy as not comprehensive and mature enough for the U.S. Katie’s mother is Taiwanese and her father is an Indo-American. They support Obama because they believe he still needs time to fix the problems in the U.S. On November 6, she will cast her ballot in Southern California.

Washington D.C. is not quite a battlefield between Republicans and Democrats because it is considered primarily Democratic. Cesar Goures, a systems analyst, is determined to cast his ballot for Obama.

“Barack Obama sends out a clear message, while Mitt Romney tried to tear people down in his speech, and little jobs will be offered according to his proposed policy,” said Goures. He said that as a voter, he would like to see “what the candidates can do for our future.”

Shayla Yhimpson, a saleswoman at a supermarket, believes that Obama is the most suitable candidate.

“I am satisfied with most of the policies that Obama has implemented. I am not a Romney supporter, and he is always looking out for the upper class. He also just goes back and forth [in policy stance],” she sad. As a black woman, she said that race isn’t a factor in her decision.

“If he [Obama] were white, he would put forth the same kinds of policies that are pro young people and promote low taxes,” she said. “These policies will definitely enhance our living.”


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