All sports and no politics at DC Marine Corps Marathon

By Edith Leung

Over 30,000 participants joined the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon on October 28. Even as Hurricane Sandy approached, large numbers came out to cheer on the runners as a marching band played. The Marine Corps Marathon is a total of 26.2 miles, and is among the most scenic marathons in the country. It takes runners an average time of four hours to complete.


In Hong Kong, we have the annual Standard Chartered Marathon where participants dress up in costumes as they run along the harbour. The police block the roads separating spectators from the competitors.

Here in Washington D.C., people can cheer for runners along the route. Some brought banners while others blasted horns or handed out water and energy bars to the marathoners. The atmosphere was festive. Families with young children, young couples with dogs and even grandparents attended to show their support.

Luckily, the runners did not use the event as a political advertising tool, and we didn’t spot any pro-Obama or pro-Romney themed running gear. The runners simply focused on the sport and the race.


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