Georgetown University nurtures students’ independent spirit

Lauren Burgess, a junior majoring in international politics at Georgetown University, is campaigning for Obama.

A student dormitory at Georgetown University.

By Wendy Chan

Today is Sunday and the six of us are visiting Georgetown University. The university is in a prime location and is situated in Washington D.C., the capitol of the U.S.Georgetown is considered a top university here in America, and boasts alumni including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. It has a long and rich history.

We spent the afternoon touring the campus and had the chance to see what a reputable university in America is like.

It was eye-opening. When we walked inside the student center, we had a chance to see what student life is like. Some of them were sitting in the lounge area, comfortably reading books and studying lecture notes or using their laptops (most of them Macs). Some of them even took off their shoes and drank coffee or smoothies to fuel their energy to study. I was completely immersed in the peaceful university atmosphere.

There are three areas that impressed us. The students are willing to take up roles to serve on the campus. There is a student-run bank and even a student-run grocery store  called “Vital Settels.”

As a private school, they have separate buildings for science and a medical school, where students could even go to the nearby hospital to have practical training.This visit made us think about education in Hong Kong.


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