The Art of Campaigning in D.C.

By Jennifer Tang

Washington D.C. has always been heavily a Democratic city, so most presidential campaign activities usually skirt this city and move their campaign paraphernalia (posters, stickers, and billboards) to other cities.

However, D.C. citizens have their own ways to express their views via different channels. It is not difficult to spot political signs as well as logos in the city. Below are some ways that locals show their party loyalty.

At Georgetown University, students express their stance on their dormitory windows.


On the streets, cars are decorated with a variety of bumper stickers and logos, showing which candidate the driver supports.


Some people created their own logos and posted them around the city, just like on this mailbox in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

Creating campaign stickers is very special in America. Americans (or at least the people we have met in Washington D.C.) are very knowledgeable about the presidential election. Is it because they have the right to votes, whereas for us in Hong Kong, the vote for the chief executive is out of our hands? Yet another eye-opening experience.


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