Arriving in the US capital

8:30 am
Washington D.C. — The HKSYU student reporting team and I arrived in DC last night at 10 pm. By 11 pm, we were safely checked into the hotel. What a great neighborhood and good hotel. The wireless is excellent. My good friend from Westlake High School journalism days met us at the hotel with “Introduction to D.C.” goody bags (map, newspapers, bottle of water and all).

As travel goes, everything went smoothly and swiftly. The only lengthy queues that we saw were at San Francisco International Airport going through security, but even then we had enough time to experience a sample of San Francisco with an iced caffee latte at Peet’s Coffee topped with a blueberry muffin.

The flight from San Francisco to D.C. was smooth and not packed — entire rows were open and the cabin crew was really friendly.

Now on this relatively quiet Sunday morning, we are headed on a local tour courtesy of Mr. Naughton. We will get our smartphones carded up and connected, see a bit of the city, and then buy snacks at Target. Target is part of the U.S. cultural experience. D.C. here we come.


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