“China” appears 32 times in last US presidential election debate

By Wendy Chan

In the third and the final US presidential election debate this morning, President Barack Obama appeared to take the lead over Governor Mitt Romney as they discussed foreign policy.

One of the last topics was the “rise of China”. The Asian country has been accused by the US of not playing on a level field in business. It has been a major issue in the 2012 election and is set to become even more of a challenge in the next four years as the global economic downturn is expected to worsen.

Moderator Bob Schieffer asked Obama what great challenges he will face with the rise of China if he is re-elected.

Obama said: “We have brought more cases against China for violating trade rules than the other.”

Romney countered that Obama was taking the side of “protectionism” and replied: “We’ll also make sure that we have trade relations with China that work for us. I want a great relationship with China.”

“China did not play by the same rule” was a phrase that was repeated three times during the debate.

As I watched, Obama and Romney’s take on the US role in the world reminded me of a quote from the film “The Mosquito Coast”: USA is considered the “Land of Promise, Land of Opportunity.”

The word “China” was mentioned 32 times, all about trade. Obama and Romney, is this all China is to America?

Will China be the only factor that pulls the US economy down? We should all think about it.


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