Obama and Romney talk China policy in second presidential debate

By Wendy Chan

US President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney went head-to-head in their second debate on Wednesday, where they highlighted their stance on China.

Romney stood firm and said he will be tough on China, saying the country has been cheating and manipulating its currency.

The former Massachusetts governor said he will have tougher policies toward China than Obama. ”I’ll crack down on China,” Romney said.

Obama responded: “Governor, you’re the last person who’s going to get tough on China. We have pushed them hard.”

The Chinese currency, the yuan, has risen 11% during Obama’s term as a result of administration policies, the president emphasized.

Obama also said he has specific plans that have “actually contributed” to pressuring China on its currency valuation. However, Romney has no concrete plans or measures on the issue, Obama contends.

Will more China issues heat up the third and last debate? Let us wait and see on the coming Tuesday.


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